Linux 2.6.39 podría ser el último de la serie 2.6.x

Leo en que Linus Torvalds, padre del kernel Linux, está considerando ponerle fin a la serie (gloriosa si las hubo) 2.6. Después de 40 revisiones y llegando casi a su 20avo cumpleaños Linus expresó su interés por terminar la serie 2.6 y la próxima versión del kernel podría ser la 2.8.0 (o tal vez la 3.0).

En la lista de desarrollo publicó

So I’m toying with 3.0 (and in that case, it really would be «3.0», not «3.0.0» – the stable team would get the third digit rather than the fourth one.

But no, it wouldn’t be for 42. Despite THHGTTG, I think «40» is a fairly nice round number.

There’s also the timing issue – since we no longer do version numbers based on features, but based on time, just saying «we’re about to start the third decade» works as well as any other excuse.

But we’ll see.